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Formerly known as ListerBell Automotive, LB Specialist Cars produce the STR, a reimagination of the Iconic 1970’s Lancia Stratos. Our mission is to produce the STR in such a way that it pays homage to the original Lancia and therefore maintains all of the visual presence and character of the genuine Stratos but is engineered and advanced in a way better suited to this millennium.

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The LB Specialist Cars STR is a reimagination of the iconic 1970’s Lancia Stratos.

In 1970 at the Turin Motor show Lancia debuted the Stratos Zero concept car. This wedge shaped car was a radical concept which featured a Fulvia V4 engine. The styling of the car was unique and the Stratos name was born. A year later at the same show Lancia presented the Bertone designed Stratos HF prototype, sometimes known as the 1240 car. This car was much closer to the now familiar and iconic Stratos but it was still a concept and featured aluminium front and rear bodywork, a twin wiper system along with a double wishbone rear suspension system. This car was fitted with the Ferrari Dino V6 motor.

During 1972 & 1973 the Stratos was developed and tested in some competitive events under the Gp5 prototype regulations. To compete in the World Rally Championship the car had to comply with FIA Group4 regulations and this meant that 500 examples had to built to prove the car was a production vehicle rather than just a special. At the time other manufacturers were essentially competing in modified versions of their production cars which they produced such as the Ford Escort, the Fiat Abarth 124 and the Opel Ascona.

The Stratos therefore became the first homologation special rally car, meaning that the car was developed as a rally car primarily and the road cars were built to allow it to compete rather than it being built as a road car and it then being modified to go rallying. The car was homologated in time for it to compete at the 1974 championship and it went on to win the World Championship in 1974, 1975 & 1976.

If it weren’t for internal politics within the Fiat group then it is possible that the Stratos with further works backing could have gone on to add to its tally of titles.






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