Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of our most commonly asked questions but if none of these answer your question then please feel free to contact us directly and we’ll be glad to help.

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How is the car registered?

In the UK because of the low volume in which we manufacture we are eligible to register our cars using the IVA system. This is an individual vehicle approval scheme where each car is tested on its own merits rather than as a small series car. The emissions standard on this test is only to a Euro 6 MOT standard rather than to a full Euro 6 bag test. Because of this even a car which is registered as new in the UK may still not be accepted in some countries in mainland Europe.

Is the car available in LHD?

Yes, the car is available in either RHD or LHD to suit different countries, there is no additional cost with either option as the chassis has been designed to accommodate both options.

What engine options are there?

Typically for the UK market we fit the Alfa Romeo V6 in any of its transverse installations from the 12v 164 through to the later 24v GTA.
See our separate engine guide HERE (link) for more detailed information.

Our preference is the 1998 to 2005 24v version of the engine because parts for this generation of engine are still readily available.
For the US & Australian markets where the Alfa is not readily available we have developed a Toyota 3.5 V6 option. This uses the 2GR-FE from many cars in the Toyota range, we can mate this to either an EA 6* series transmission or the E153 MR2 turbo box.

It would be possible to fit the 2.4 Ferrari Dino if desired and the transverse 3.0 or 3.2 Ferrari V8’s from the 308 and 328 generation would also be an option.

What body styles do you do?

We currently make the STR in the 3 the most familiar body shapes, these are 1) The Stradale, 2) Group4 square arch, 3) Group4 round arch. We also offer a range of bodywork option parts such as chin spoilers, lamp pods, roof scoop & dashboard parts for those who wish to create the full group 4 rally replica.

Can I fit 15” wheels to the STR?

Yes, it is possible to fit the period correct 15” coffin spoke wheels to the STR, the brake package we use has been sized to fit under this diameter of wheel. We use an authentic Ferrari PCD as standard so it is possible to fit genuine pattern wheels as well as the replica wheels available both here & abroad.

We also offer coffin spoke wheels in either 16” or 17” sizes which whilst less authentic can open up other options in tyre selection

Is it possible to fit AC to the car?

The standard car comes with a powerful heater demist system but we built the option of fitting AC in to the chassis at the design stage so it is an available upgrade if required.

Can I register this car in Germany?

We are looking into the options available to us with regards to German registration, it is not easy but with some research we will find a way. The majority of the car will meet TUV standard but emissions control and EMC are the biggest challenges.

Can I import this car into the US?

It is possible to take the STR into the US in kit form & but not as a ready to run car.

For those wishing to have a built car in the US it is possible to import the car as a “turnkey minus” where the car is essentially built but has no engine & transmission fitted & is dry of all fluids. Fitting a US sourced federalized engine is the easiest way to put a car on the road in the US. Regulations vary State to State so local research is required.

Do you have a US dealer?

We currently export kits on an individual basis, the US market is not huge & dealers normally want a hefty discount which it is not possible to offer. Other companies have found that it is simply as economical to export directly to the customer & avoid these intermediary charges.

What is the process for export?

Depending where in the world you are we can arrange shipping either through a company local to us who can crate a car in preparation for the container journey around the globe. Once the crate arrives in your country it is then necessary for you to deal with the local customs agent, pay the import duty & arrange for local shipping back to you premises.

If the car is heading to Europe then we can arrange for a different company to handle this through use of an enclosed car transporter.