Here we have a few pictures of our factory car as we prepare to say goodbye to it as it begins its long journey to Japan. Chassis number 18 has been with us in our workshops for a very long time and we originally conceived it as a homage to the 1975 Tour de Corse Chardonnet Rouge Strato’s albeit with black spoilers. We built it to have a Gp4 dashboard, Gp4 seats, Sabelt 4 point harnesses, Gp4 Silencers & a Quad light pod. It was IVA’d in mid 2017 and finally road registered at the end of last year. It was never our intention to keep it long term as we have plans for another demo car with more track day oriented intentions. Sure enough we got a enquiry from a Japan based customer earlier this year who was in the market for a car similar to ours. At their request we have now converted the car back to a Stradale/Gp4 hybrid where it still fitted with the Gp4 round arch bodywork but now has the full road car based interior featuring our Stradale type dashboard and binnacle, traditional tan replica seats with additional headrests and inertia reel seat belts. The quad pod was removed, the mounting holes gelled back in and the exhaust was converted back to a more road friendly variant. The car is fitted with a fully rebuilt and balanced 3.0 CF3 Alfa V6 mated to the corresponding Alfa 6 speed gearbox with drive supplied via a solid flywheel conversion and an Alfa GTA clutch pack. The body is finished in RAL 3002 red gelcoat.