It appears that some people maybe confused about what size wheels can be fitted to the ListerBell STR replica. Some seem to be under the impression that we can only fit the larger 16 and 17″ replica wheels to our car and that it is not possible to fit 15″ type of coffin spoke wheels to the STR.

This is simply not the case, whilst the majority the cars we produce are fitted with the larger diameter wheels we consciously designed the uprights and our 4 piston brake caliper and ventilated disc package to fit under the 15″ wheel option as well as the larger variants we offer.

Please see the attached images to show a selection of ListerBell STR’s which are fitted with 15″ Gp4 replica wheels from 3 differing suppliers. The only stipulation is that the wheels used must be the authentic Ferrari 5 x 108 bolt pattern rather than the 5 x 98mm Alfa Romeo replica type.